The Beltweigh Challenge

A community weight loss movement that transforms bodies through nutrition and fitness to help us each achieve the health we deserve.

Watch the video in the first slide above and learn what the Beltweigh Challenge is all about.

What is it?


A whole-body transformation program and coaching system that achieves lasting physical results by fueling and replenishing the body rather than starving it. Instead of fighting with your body, how about making it work for you?

Why should I do this?


Your body is the most sophisticated complex engine in the world that transports and powers you through this road trip called life. We only get one and and if you are like millions of other travelers, it is in desperate need of a tune-up.

How do I participate?


All you have to do is watch the intro video, decide on the program that is right for you and then click on the ‘Register Now’ button. We will be in touch by phone to set up the rest!