What is the Beltweigh Challenge?

During the next 30 days you will experience what a real total makeover is supposed to be, from the inside out. You will be introduced to easy and highly nutritious dietary protocols that are designed to jumpstart your health and turn your body from a fat storing machine to a fat burning machine, with inches melting off. While this incredible transformation is taking place on the inside, you will have access to renowned experts in their fields who will give advice on how to update your look on the outside. One lucky contestant will win a total makeover valued at over $5,000!

The best part is everyone wins a healthier more exciting life along the way. This friendly contest will crown the victor with the highest loss of body fat %. And yes there will be prizes for many more participants.

Just give your body a fair chance!

Why should I do this?

Your body is your most precious and priceless possession. But if you neglect it, where will you live? We will show you how to take care of your body on the inside and reclaim your confidence and unique style on the outside. This is a program where you will be coached and held accountable in a friendly supportive environment. We will walk with you, and then run to the finish line cheering for you!

During this incredible journey, you will reverse the course of your sluggish metabolism and ignite your pulse for life. Guaranteed!

Where is it taking place?

The majority of the month we will be interacting over phone, email and video for maximum convenience. We do require your presence at the Weigh-In event on Saturday, March 29th, and the Weigh-Out event on Sunday, April 30th. There will be additional fun events planned that we will encourage you to take advantage of. All events will take place in a convenient location close to the Beltway.

When does it start?

The next edition begins April 1st and ends April 28th. Registration closes on March 25th to ensure that all participants have enough time to receive their products.

How do I participate and how much does it cost?

All you have to do is click on the ‘Register Now’ link and it will take you through the steps one-by-one. This will include helping you order the correct nutrition products. Please read the ‘Requirements’ page to find out more about the completion rules and the ‘Products’ page to learn more about the products.

The total value of this 30-day total body makeover is $2000. Your Beltweigh Challenge preferred price is $450 plus S&H, with a $100 cash rebate offered upon completion, bringing the final total cost to $350 plus S&H. That is an 82% savings!

For $12/day you get:

  • Highly nutritious, wholesome and natural breakfast and dinner
  • A personal analysis and two health assessments to track your progress
  • Daily coaching and inspirational emails
  • Daily live coaching
  • Instructional and educational videos
  • Access to fitness opportunities
  • Access to wellness specialists
  • Gift bag
  • Live make-over presentations

Think about what else you spend $12/day on and ask yourself if that coffee, snack, movie or car wash is helping you lose weight, get healthy and rejuvenate and refresh your image to the world.

Do I have to compete?

The Beltweigh Challenge is a friendly community program. You can compete for the prize or just do it for yourself. Either way, give your body and soul a fair chance at success. If you compete for the prize you will have to attend the weigh in and weigh out sessions at the scheduled time. If you do not compete for the prize, you can still take advantage of all the events, but you will not be eligible for the makeover prize.