Orientation Call is at 4pm on Saturday, March 24th. Dial 218-862-1300, Code: 458578.
Come and get all your questions answered and get started on the right foot!

Every success in life is always connected to the positive influence of caring people who go out of their way to elevate you. Behind every great accomplishment, there is the support of a strong team that facilitates your achievements. The Beltweigh Challenge is your Dream Team and you are our Franchise Player. We made a commitment to you and you to us to achieve the best results that you can reach. We have created several options for you to give you access to all the support and education that you need to be a pro at this.

Phone Coaching

We believe in interactivity. For this very reason, we will host a live coaching call every day at a set time that will provide many of the answers that you will have during this process. We are a big family and the more we share the more we learn. So get on, ask questions, and learn from all your new other friends. Can’t make it?? No worries, all the calls will be recorded and posted online to be listened to at your convenience.

Email Coaching

We understand that you are a busy person. But like most busy professionals, you have a phone, maybe two, and an email account or even two. You will receive all the valuable daily information that you need to be successful every day. If you need a more customized answer, feel free to email us as well to get your question answered or to schedule a personal call.

Video Coaching

It does not get any better than this. We come to your screen with great content to get your through your day thinking healthy changes. We are not pushy- just encouraging, and keep you to the commitment that you made.

Live Presentations

As if that was not enough, we will also host two presentations that will lift your determination to new heights. This will be your opportunity to learn, share, educate, and be educated.