Beltweigh Challenge: Corporate

The Beltweigh Challenge Corporate is the best high performance jumpstart for your power staff. Combining nutrition, fitness and competition, this program is a fun turn-key way to motivate your employees to get healthy, fit and energized. Because healthier and more energetic employees are just good business.

This program is designed for organizations that want to get the best from their work force. If you are serious about grooming a high performance team, give them access to high performance tools and contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your options.

The program is built around a nutritional rebalancing technology and pain-free fitness program that is helping people safely lose fat, increase their metabolism, diminish their unhealthy cravings, reconnect with their bodies and build muscle and joint stability and strength without pain.

We will provide customized coaching to your entire group via daily calls and emails, manage the competition and support each person’s quest for health and wellness!

High Performance is on the way!