Take a moment to explore your program options. No matter your goal, personality or timeline, you can choose the perfect combination for you!  We will review your selection and answer any of your questions once you submit your initial registration form.

1). Choose your Style


You select a starting date to work around your schedule and go through your chosen program on your own with our coaching assistance.

Dream Team

You invite friends, a spouse or family to join you on the program and you get healthy together! Your team selects a starting date and program and benefits from the power of team support and accountability for improved results and added fun.


You join one of the pre-selected dates to compete against a large group of motivated contestants that want triple the reward – weight loss, a prize and the title of Beltweigh Challenge Champion.

2). Choose your Speed


Ideal for those that want to lose those last pesky 5-9 pounds to reach their ideal weight quickly with maximum nutrition.


A gradual approach designed for those looking to lose 12-15 pounds per month and increased energy and overall health.

Fast Track

The ultimate Tune-Up for those looking to lose 18-22 pounds per month safely through the fully executed FUEL, ENERGIZE and REPLENISH system.

3). Get Started

Fill in the short registration form and receive a complementary consultation with a Beltweigh Challenge Certified Coach to go over your needs and answer any of your questions. If you like what you hear, then you'll get your Official Racing Number and all the products and coaching you need to cross that finish line!