If you want to join the Beltweigh Challenge and be eligible for the amazing makeover prizes, please take some time and make sure you have completed all the requirements. Because the winner is based on percentage of fat lost, the field is equalized. It doesn’t matter is you are a man or woman, or what your starting weight is, ANYONE can win this! You will be amazed how accountability through a friendly supportive competition will motivate and improve your outcome. Give it a try!

Requirements to win the makeover prize:

  1. Register Online by 11:59pm, three days prior to the start of the contest
  2. Buy your Isagenix products
  3. Attend the Official Weigh-In
  4. Submit your $100, 100% refundable commitment fee
  5. Do the program with full commitment
  6. Get coaching
  7. Attend the Official Weigh-Out
  8. Redeem your $100 commitment fee during the Weigh out
  9. Be the participant with the highest % of fat loss

Online Registration

Every participant must register online by 11:59pm, three days prior to the start of the contest. We take your health very seriously and must make sure that we understand where you are at and how we can best assist you. You must be honest with the information that you share with us. If you have any medical condition that requires a physician’s supervision, you must be cleared first to participate. Your application form is your profile today and what we will compare your improvements against. You are excited to embark on this journey with you and are prepare to support you along the way. With your 100% commitment and steadfast desire, we will achieve great results.

How to Win

You must follow all the rules above and be the participant with the highest % of fat loss to win the Grand Prize. Keep in mind every one is a winner in this fun filled and friendly competition.

Commitment Fee

The commitment fee applies our $100 for 100% commitment rule. You pay to commit and you only get your money back when you complete the contest. You understand that this fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable if you fail to follow the requirements listed above.

Weigh In/Weigh out

Our Weigh-In and Weigh-Out sessions are very professional and we uphold the highest standard of measurement precision. Each participant will step on the same calibrated official scale to level the playing field. We will only measure the % of fat loss for the winner’s award but you will get a full profile on your current health situation. You will also be measured and take a before and after picture.


We believe that education is the key in your success. During the weigh in/weigh out sessions, you will have access to many educational activities as well as great interactions with our sponsors. Take advantage of it and learn how you can enhance your life with all that it has to offer.


This challenge is not any different than life. We believe that in life, if you do not show up, you usually do not win. It is important that you make a commitment to attend all the events and activities we are designing to support you.


You must be fully engaged in the program to be successful. We will do our part and you must do yours. In past contests it is the person that asks questions, engages on the coaching calls and speaks up that usually wins. That isn’t a conincidence!

Coaching Emails

Every day you will receive a coaching email. This email is not just an email. It is packed with relevant information as well as some hidden cues that can earn you gifts and bonuses. If you have questions, feel free to email us as well. We are happy to help.

Coaching Calls

Every day, we will host a conference call to review the day, answer questions, provide tips and advice and keep you accountable.

Reporting WINS!

During the course of the 30-days you will receive feedback requests from us that will give you a chance to share with us and the community your wins. We believe in celebrating wins no matter how small, so let us celebrate with you!

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