The Team

The Beltweigh Challenge is managed by a group of passionate individuals who have made careers in helping people reach their optimum health and vitality. Their combined experience together with your commitment is a guaranteed recipe for success. They make winning a tradition where your health is the ultimate prize.

The Mission

We are dedicated to health and determined to transform people’s bodies from fat storing machines into fat burning machines and during this process change their entire perception of self. The Beltweigh Challenge rebalances and ignites lives! Will you join us?

Olivia Ricchi


Is probably the most reputable nutritional cleansing coach in the area. She grew up in a family of restaurant owners. She knows food and will not prevent you from having it. Her caring touch and dedicated passion will give you all the support you need to succeed.

Yann Auzoux


Is a former tennis professional player. As a player Yann played #1 for the Cameroonian Davis Cup Team and as a coach was voted Washington Post Coach of the year. Yann has spent the last 15 years coaching people to reach goals they never thought possible. Yann will give you a winning attitude.

Dan Riser


Don’t let this muscle man fool you. Supported by his advanced degrees and top-level certifications, Dan has the most caring way to assess people’s state of mind and state of health. He will find a way to connect with your health and give you a real reason to put yourself first and get started for the last time.

Kitty Janney


Is a mother, entrepreneur and recovering serial dieter. She has been trying to lose those last 20 pounds for much of her life. She saw the Beltweigh Challenge on NBC last year and decided to try it even though she was skeptical. She has successfully banished 23 pounds and is now an active member of our team spreading her enthusiastic vision of the importance of nutritional cleansing to all she meets.

Susanne Siemonsen


Susanne is a board certified aesthetician. The reason she has been so successful in treating thousands of clients is her philosophy that we wear our state of health on our face. Yes, you read it, the quality and texture of your skin says a lot about what is going on internally. Healthy cell renewal affects how we look and how we age. What we put inside our body has a dramatic and direct impact on our skin and overall health.

Sue Harris Phillips


Sue is a true renaissance woman. Photographer, jewelry maker, costume designer, creator of art from recycled items - Sue has that special touch that makes everything she comes in contact with beautiful. Give her a chance to coach you to reveal the beautiful work of art that you are.