So here’s where the rubber meets the road – no slick marketing and no actors. These are real people (that you can talk to if you want!) that have taken action through nutritional cleansing and improved their long-term health. We invite YOU to take action and join us in the next Beltweigh Challenge! Because if you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

Regaining control of the waistline, cholesterol, and blood sugar fast

Hear how, Francesco, a successful chef that couldn’t control his weight, was becoming increasingly immobile and was battling with high cholesterol, high triglycerides and elevated blood sugar, released 25 pounds in 11 days and has successfully kept off by integrating nutritional cleansing into his daily routine.

Losing those stubborn last 10 pounds that training alone couldn’t budge

Robin knows how to work hard in the gym – she just wasn’t seeing the results. Nutritional cleansing helped her lose those last 9 pounds of fat in 11 days to reveal all the defined muscles that were hiding under there! She hasn’t looked back since and her abs are happy to be finally seen.

Blowing up the stereotype that weight loss has to be hard after menopause

After two years of unsuccessful attempts at losing weight, Chris tried nutritional cleansing as a last resort and to her surprise lost 9 pounds in 11 days and has lost 16 in total to achieve her goal. Her mood and energy also improved and she too has integrated it into her life in a way that doesn’t cramp her style and keeps her slim, happy and energized.

Busy mom gets her energy back and no longer has debilitating headaches

Busy moms everywhere listen up! If you want more energy to keep up with life and the kids and want to feel full of vitality again, hear Dawn’s story. Combining exercise and nutritional cleansing, she recharged her batteries and banished those headaches too! Now the nutritional shakes are part of the whole family’s routine.

Getting the edge over the competition with targeted nutrition and coaching

Chicaro, a fitness trainer who is pushing his body to the limit to win a fitness challenge, understands the importance of integrating nutrition and coaching into his preparation to increase his endurance and recovery and get a leg up on the competition.

Natural ways to combat effects of stress, digestive problems and mental imbalances revealed

Nutrition, cleansing and exercise have helped Jessica begin to turn around her mental, digestive and weight problems – an example of the powerful full-body rebalancing effects of this formula. In addition to being more engaged with life, she has lost 20 pounds and she is still going (she lost another 15 since we taped the video). Go Jess!